Sellers Guide for Second Hand Commercials

At used commercials we aim to make all aspects of selling commercial vehicles as simple as possible.  Below we offer some helpful advice on selling commercial vehicles on this site.

Items to consider when selling second hand commercials

There are a number of items you may want to consider before advertising your used commercials for sale.  Typical questions many sellers ask themselves are:

At what price should I advertise my commercial vehicles?

This is an area where many people go wrong.  Although you may have a price in your head which you would like to obtain for your used commercials, this price is often more than the actual value.

Remember, a commercial vehicles value is determined according to how much money potential buyers are willing to pay for it.

It is much better to place a realistic price on a vehicle and obtain interest straight away, rather than to realise after two weeks of advertising that you have over priced.  On the other hand, you will not want to under price your commercial vehicles considering everyone wants to get the highest amount of capital possible.  Therefore we at would advise sellers to browse commercial vehicles similar to that they are selling and use this as a guide for setting your price.

From this we do not mean advertise at the same price, but to use as a guide and consider the differences between yours and that advertised.  For example, your used vans for sale my have 10,000 miles less than some used vans already advertised.  Therefore you can use your judgement to suggest a potential buyer would be willing to pay approximately £1000 extra for your used vans etc.

Although if you realise the other used vans are a year younger than yours, this may cancel this difference out.

However there are many different aspects which may increase or decrease the value of your used commercials to potential buyers, so we at advise you to browse and use good judgement.  But remember to always leave a little room for negotiation.


Is there a demand for my second hand commercial vehicles?

This will sometimes help when trying to set a price also.  If I am selling some used vans it is worthwhile checking if there are many similar vans for sale.  This gives me an idea of the selection available for potential buyers to choose from.  For example, if I am a used commercials dealer selling some Volkswagen Caddy used vans, and see there are three hundred similar vans for sale, this lets me know I need to keep the price keen due to the large selection available.

Again on the other hand if I am a seller of used trucks I may have some specialised trucks for sale.  I can see from browsing there are only five similar trucks available throughout the UK, therefore this lets me know that there is little selection of similar trucks for sale available for potential buyers.

The factors above can play some part in deciding on how fast you sell your commercial vehicles as well as how good or bad the price is against your initial price tag.


Placing an Advert

Placing an advert on could not be simpler. If you have already created an account and made a subscription go to step 3.

1. Create Account

If you have not already done so the first step is to create an account.  This process should take no more then two minutes.  Here you will be asked for your details and you will create a username and password for accessing your account. 

Trade sellers may also add a company name and company logo to be shown with their adverts.

An email will then be sent to the email address provided by you to activate the account.

2. Select Subscription

Again, if this is your first time logging in you will be asked to select a subscription.  Here you will select which advert bundle you require and make payment.


3. My Account

You will be asked to input your username and password to access your account.  When in My Account you can:

  • Edit your Account Details
  • Post Adverts
  • Update Adverts.


Update your Account Details

Here you have the opportunity to edit or change your account details such as change of address, contact details or company logo etc.


Place Adverts for used trucks etc.

Here you can post a number of commercial vehicles adverts up to your subscription amount.  For each advert you will insert a title and select the make model etc. of the commercial vehicles for sale.  You have the opportunity to insert the milage and asking price.  Although many people choose not to show a price, we at would try to encourage people to show prices as it may catch the attention of a potential buyer.

You then have the opportunity to write some text about the second hand used trucks etc.  We would advise sellers to input as much information into this section as possible.  This section allows the seller to highlight the items which are unique to their used trucks for sale etc., giving the seller a chance to make their trucks for sale stand out from the rest.  The key is to let potential buyers see as much information as possible while viewing the add, therefore if anyone contacts you regarding the vehicle you will know the have a genuine interest.

Simply click next to continue to the upload photo page.

When advertising your second hand used trucks or used vans for sale you can upload up to 10 photos of your commercial vehicles for each advert.  We would advise that you take pictures from the following angles to show as much of the commercial vehicles as possible.

  • Front
  • Front / Left Hand Side
  • Left Hand Side
  • Left Hand Side / Rear
  • Rear
  • Rear / Right Hand Side
  • Right Hand Side
  • Right Hand Side / Front
  • Inside.


When you have uploaded your chosen photos click next and your advert will be uploaded instantly.

The adverts in your account can be used within any category.  For example, if you have a subscription for five adverts, there is no problem with having two used trucks for sale, one advert in vans for sale, one advert in buses for sale and one advert in trailers for sale.

Update Adverts

This option gives the seller the opportunity to update an advert.  If for instance the seller wants to edit the price or upload some new pictures etc. they can do this very simply, and again, will be updated instantly.


Dealing with Interested Buyers of Used Trucks etc.

Many potential buyers of your second hand commercial vehicles may respond to your advert in different forms.  We find the most common form of contact people will make will be to contact you by phone, although some may contact through email.

Being Contacted by Phone

We at used commercials feel that this is the most popular form of contact people will make when enquiring about second hand commercial vehicles for sale.  For example if someone is making a call about some used trucks, we would encourage the seller to offer lots of information about the trucks for sale to the buyer over the phone.  As well as trying to verbally sell these used trucks, remember not to be too forceful and offer time for the potential buyer to ask any questions they may have about the trucks for sale.  Very often judging by the potential buyers tone and choice of questions you will be able to assess if they are genuinely interested in your trucks for sale or if they are wasting time.

Being contacted by email

Although not as popular it is becoming more common for potential buyers to contact sellers through email.  As many second hand commercial vehicles are now being exported from United Kingdom and Ireland, many potential buyers of different Nationalities find it easier to communicate through email.  Therefore we would encourage sellers to check emails on a regular basis to ensure a fast response to potential buyers.

But remember to be honest and accurate in your descriptions when offering trucks for sale, vans for sale, buses for sale and trailers for sale.



Arranging Viewings

Most interested buyers will want to arrange a viewing before purchasing commercial vehicles for sale.  Try to be as accommodating as possible towards suitable times for buyers to view your used vans for sale.  Although considering this, it is also important to be sure you have allocated enough time for them to view the used vans properly.  If you have to rush the potential buyer through the viewing they may be put off by this, especially if they have travelled a considerable distance to view your vans for sale.

It is much better to bring potential buyers to your yard or home to view the vans for sale.  Many buyers are weary of sellers that are only willing to meet in public places such as service stations, car parks etc.  Bringing the buyer to your home to view the used vans lets them see you have nothing to hide and sometimes instils confidence in the buyer viewing your vans for sale.


Preparing your Commercial Vehicles for Viewings

We would advise any seller to spend a little time to ensure your commercial vehicles are looking their best for any viewings.  This is often very simple and sometimes does not take a lot of time but can often better a buyers first impression.  For example, if you are offering buses for sale we would advise you to spend some time washing the buses for sale and spend some time cleaning the inside of the buses for sale etc.  These are the minor issues which can really sell commercial vehicles on the buyers first impression.

Sometimes a seller may want to take it a step further and repair some minor defects as well.  Having fewer minor defects may just be the deciding factor in a person buying or not buying the used commercials.  Again referring to the buses for sale I would suggest to repair any rips or tears in the seats.  Although this would not take a huge amount of time or effort, it may just make the buses for sale look much more presentable.

Always make sure to have all documentation belonging to the second hand commercial vehicles for sale.  You do not want to have to go searching for this information while the potential buyer is with you.  Make sure you have this readily available for the potential buyer to view.


The Actual Viewing

This is where your selling skills come into play.  When someone goes to the bother of travelling to view your vehicle you can be pretty sure they are no longer timewasters.  At this stage you will know they have a keen interest in your used trucks etc.  You should start out by showing them around the used trucks.  This should begin with you doing the talking at first pointing out any key factors which may make your used trucks stand out from other trucks for sale the potential buyers may have viewed.

Allow the buyer to then ask some questions about the trucks for sale.  Try to answer all questions honestly and do not try to hide any information from the buyer.  It is also a good idea to step back for a few minutes and let the buyers look around the used trucks themselves.  This shows that you are not being forceful and allows them to assess the trucks for sale on their own for a few minutes.

Different sellers have different views on test drives, therefore we will leave it up to the individual seller to make their own judgement on this area.


Striking a Deal

If the person viewing your vans for sale etc. has decided they have found the vehicle they are looking for they may begin to negotiate on price.  Quite often buyers will try to find negative points on the used vans and use this as leverage to reduce the price.  Sometimes these points may be valid and may warrant some reduction in price, although you may have already considered this when setting the price originally.

It seems common practice for people within United Kingdom and Ireland to haggle when purchasing used vans.  You should expect an interested buyer will try to negotiate a price with you.  If you are prepared for this you can respond to each negative point they make with a positive point about the used vans.  But as discussed earlier, if you have allowed for a little negotiating room in your advertised price you will be able to move a little and finally reach an agreed price.



This has been provided by used commercials as a guide to selling commercial vehicles only.  We do not claim any of the above is the right or wrong way to go about selling and again would like to emphasise it is a guide.  We may have mentioned trucks for sale for many of the examples above, although any of these examples can also be used for vans for sale, buses for sale and trailers for sale.

Selling Used commercials, used trucks, used vans, trailers and buses in UK and Ireland.