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Scania Dark Diamond For Sale in Ireland on

6th September 2011 is very pleased to show the first ever Scania Dark Diamond for Sale in Ireland on our site.  The 2010 Scania R620 Topline Dark Diamond is on Sale from A&M Commercials in Co. Monaghan.  The Dark Diamond is a limited edition truck with more extras than you would ever believe.  To view this Scania Dark Diamond for Sale click on the link below.

2010 Scania R620 Topline Dark Diamond For Sale in Ireland


DAF Trucks becoming more popular in truck market

1st February 2011

DAF Trucks are continuing to increase their market share within the truck industry, and firmly hold the third place in the truck market.  In 2010, DAF Trucks increased their percentage share of the truck market in Europe, and are working towards their goal, to provide 20% of the trucks in Europe.  Although the numbers have dropped significantly due to the downturn, it must be recognized that the percentage share is increasing, and as the economy picks up DAF Trucks should reep the rewards of more truck sales.


Trucks in Dublin Port Tunnel speed control system

26th January 2011

Trucks in Ireland will be pleased to hear NRA has done away with plans for speed control systems.  Apparently, due to a conflict of interests between different departments stepping on eachothers toes, the speed detecting systems for Trucks in Dublin port tunnel has been scrapped.  We advise truckers in Ireland to reduce speed in the Dublin Tunnel and maybe this issue will not be implemented in the future.


Ford Transit Irelands Best Selling Van

25th January 2011

Fords Transit has once again been proven Ireland best vans for saleCommercial vehicle dealers in Ireland have confirmed that the Ford Transit van topped the poll for vans sales in Ireland for 2010.


DAF Trucks for Commercial Vehicle Show 2011

20th January 2011

DAF trucks has confirmed their attendance for this years Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC in Birmingham.  The commercial vehicle exhibition will begin on 12th April and will include many of the Truck manufacturers commonly seen on the roads in Ireland and UK.


Scania Trucks to release new Limited Edition

18th January 2011

Scania Trucks has now launched another limited edition to add to their collection of high specification trucks.  The Black Amber, a new limited edition truck is now available for order and there is no doubt we will see some of these trucks on the roads in Ireland and Northern Ireland before long.

Considering there will just be one hundred of this Scania truck released worldwide, Black Amber continues the long-standing collaboration between Scania and Svempa.  This collaboration also brought us the 2009 Scania Dark Diamond limited edition truck as well as many custom show trucks.


Bus and coach road safety reviewed

16th January 2011

The bus and coach industry in Europe has decided to review road safety for 2011 within the global Smart Move campaign.  This will be done by developing and implementing road safety to help buses and coach travels best practices.  Overal, this should help bus and coach companies provide safer travel for their passengers while on buses.


Gray & Adams Trailers step it up

15th January 2011

Gray & Adams Trailers Ltd has achieved EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval for a range of tri-axle trailers and tandem axle trailers from their extensive trailer range.

The approvals cover both refrigerated trailers and dry freight trailers as well as any curtainsiders which are built by the company.

This Approval does not become mandatory for trailers in the UK and Northern Ireland until October 2012 but this recent announcement by Gray & Adams Trailers is further proof of the company’s forward movement.

Rigid truck approval does not become mandatory until 2014 and Gray & Adams trailers is pretty sure they will achieve this also.


Irelands Mercedes-Benz Trucks top the market poll

10th January 2011

Truck companies in Ireland have again chosen Mercedes-Benz trucks and heavy commercial vehicles to be Ireland’s favorite truck.

The figures for truck sales in Ireland are as follows.  Mercedes-Benz Actros, Axor and Atego truck sales totaled 161 units, equal to a 15.8% of the truck sales market share. In second and third place were DAF truck sales and Volvo truck sales with 147 units (14.4%) and 118 units (11.6%) sold respectively.

The overall number of trucks registered in 2010 came to 1,020 trucks, a reduction of 131 trucks (-11.4%) compared with 2009 – a year in which Mercedes-Benz also topped the market with 199 trucks (18%) sold.


Truck Running Costs - Government to discuss duty

30th January 2011

Truckers in Northern Ireland and UK welcome news that the issue of fuel duty will be discussed by Government officials, some truckers believing the tax will be abolished.  Chancellor George Osborne has said the scrapping of the fuel duty will be discussed over the coming weeks, while the Freight Transport Association and the Road Hauliers Association are both encouraging these talks.  If there is some positive results to arrive from these talks, truckers will begin to see a decrease in the running costs of their trucks, and will hopefully see many of the companies, which are currently struggling, stay afloat and continue to run their trucks.  Its only these people who understand the large running costs of these trucks and commercial vehicles, and this could be the difference in some truckers staying in business or not.


Irish Truck drivers not happy over snow response

18th December 2010

While truck drivers in Ireland struggle to keep their trucks on the road, the Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA) is not happy considering the National Roads Authority’s attempts to keep Irelands roads open during the recent Arctic weather.

Truck companies are unhappy about the lack of grit on national primary roads. Truck drivers raised concerns about Ireland road conditions, as it not only affects truck drivers, but all road users in Ireland.

Many truck drivers showed anger considering slip roads on the M5O and other motorways had not been gritted.  This left trucks struggling to meet the demands required in the Christmas rush.


Trucks in Ireland see opening of Limerick Tunnel

28th July 2010

Trucks in Ireland from yesterday can now take advantage of the new Limerick tunnel which runs underneath the River Shannon.  The tunnel will accommodate 40,000 vehicles which include many trucks each day.  Although all new truck users agree this is a great new part of road, this does not come free of charge.  The €660 million tunnel is tolled and is going to prove rather expensive for trucks in Ireland.  Many truckers are not happy about the heavy €5.70 charge for using the tunnel and say its simply another cost on them in this increasingly competitive industry, and its costs like these which are adding up and eventually pushing many truck companies out of business.  ‘You may think €5.70 does not sound like a lot of money’ said one truck logistics company owner, ‘but remember, that is one way for one truck.  We have twenty trucks which will go through the tunnel every morning and back every evening.  Therefore this will add €228 euro to our running costs for our trucks every day.  In the current climate we cannot pass this increase onto our customers and therefore puts our company under more pressure.  This toll along with the various other tolls throughout the country which our trucks go through daily are all adding up and making it more and more difficult to survive in the truck industry today.  Its no wonder trucks are parked up in yards throughout Ireland, because it doesn’t pay to run the trucks for the current rates.  Many companies are offering their trucks for sale and just keeping one truck for the company owner to drive themselves’.  So from speaking to these truck owners we all have to agree that new and upgraded roads are a great help for trucks in Ireland, but being charged for using these roads is causing many trucks to park up.


Truck show at Irvinestown Northern Ireland

26th July 2010

Last Sunday saw the annual truck convoy take place at Irvinestown.  The weather was great and many truck drivers and truck companies from throughout the island took part in the convoy. The variety of trucks taking part ranged from a thirty year old Scania 141 to a 2010 Scania Limited Edition Dark Diamond and many other classic trucks in between.  It was a great day out for all and a great opportunity for some classic pictures.  Well done to all who took part in preparing their trucks.  Although this was not a day for offering trucks for sale, there was talk among the crowd that a number of people were asking certain owners to put a price tag on their trucks, so in future in may be a good place to offer trucks for sale.


Full of the Pipe 2010 - Truck Show Athlone Ireland


Videos from Full of the Pipe 2010 can be viewed at the following link.

Full of the Pipe 2010


Northern Ireland Truck Show 2010


Video of Northern Ireland Truck Show 2010 can be viewed by clicking on the following link.

Northern Ireland Truck Show 2010


Ireland’s Most Professional Truck Driver - Calling all Truck Drivers

28th June 2010

A new TV Series set to run is calling truck drivers in Ireland.  One of Irelands’ biggest CPC training organisations, in conjunction with City Channel will be introducing a national competition to find Ireland’s Most Professional Truck Driver. This competition will seek to find and award one professional truck driver in Ireland who meets the requirements laid down by CPC directives.  In addition to truck driving skills, these truck drivers will be expected to act in a professional manner towards their customers and more importantly, other road users in Ireland while carrying out their daily trucking duties.
The tasks will take place in July 2010.  There will be three heats representing each of the major areas of truck driving outlined below. The series will conclude with a final episode where Irelands best truck driver will be selected. Entry to the competition will be free for professional truck drivers and the judging criteria will be based on the following areas of expertise within trucking:

  • A written theory and knowledge based test
  • A fuel efficiency test
  • General vehicle maintenance test
  • Health & safety practise

The truck driving competition will be filmed by City Channel and broadcasted nationwide. The series will consist of four programmes and will be broadcast to more than 400,000 home nationally. Every truck driver and anyone involved in the truck industry in Ireland will be watching.  The tasks will be judged by a panel of recognised experts in this area.

Truck drivers in Ireland wanted to take part in the challenge!

City Channel is looking for enthusiastic, highly motivated professional truck drivers who are available for four days in July 2010 to take part in the programme. Truck drivers need to have a clean truck license, a positive attitude and should have a good truck driving history.
Filming will take place around Dublin and participants will need to carry their own travel costs. They should also be willing to be available for promotions.



Northern Ireland Truck Show 2010

16th June 2010

Again, this weekend, instead of offering trucks for sale, we are viewing another selection of trucks at the Northern Ireland Truck show 2010.  This years event was held at Omagh Show grounds and proved the perfect venue for the trucksTrucks from all over Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland made their way to compete for various prizes for the best looking trucks.  But as we all know, these events are not about winning, but about the social aspect of getting together and discussing all things trucksTruck drivers and truck enthusiasts from all over the country attended the show which was very well organised.  The sun was shining on truck enthusiasts who attended the show on the Saturday, but Sundays truck followers were presented with heavy rain falls.  But this did not dampen the spirits and most sat back and enjoyed the laughter while the diving rain provided the free truck wash.  The show was a credit to all the truck owners who took part and we hope you keep up the good work and keep those trucks looking good.


Full of the Pipe Truck Show 2010 - Ireland

10th June 2010

Athlone last weekend hosted one of the main truck shows in Ireland this year.  Full of the pipe 2010 took place on Sunday and Monday last taking advantage of the bank holiday.  Truck drivers and Companies in Ireland take great pride in their trucks and therefore all enjoy the social aspect of meeting up and comparing trucks.  With more and more trucks on Irish roads looking like a piece of art, these truck shows give truck owners and general public the opportunity to admire so many designs and works of art in one place.  The amount of work that goes into preparing these trucks for such events is a credit to the truck drivers and truck companies.  The venue for this years festival was very suitable for all Irish truckers because of its central location within the country.  The good weather added to the show making it a very enjoyable weekend for all.


Trucks in Ireland to be aware of speed

15th May 2010

We at usedcommercials would like to make truck drivers and general users aware that there are to be speed camaras introduced at Dublins port tunnel.  This will concern many of you truck drivers as this is the main route into and out of Dublin port.  Our information tells us that there will be a camera fixed at the entrance and the exit of the tunnel.  This will enable a system to calculate the amount of time it took your trucks to pass through the tunnel and can therefore calculate the average speed of the trucks going through.  We would like to make all truck drivers and usedcommercials users aware of this.  The reason for this warning is not to make trucks slow down at certain locations, but to help reduce the speeds throughout Irish roads generally.  This warning however may apply more to other commercial vehicles rather than trucks considering trucks are fitted with limiters.


Trucks and Commercials getting ready for Summer of Truck Shows in Ireland

10th May 2010

As the summer weather is starting to kick in, many hauliers and truck enthusiasts throughout Ireland have begun getting their show piece trucks ready for the many truck shows which will take place over the comming months.  As these truck shows are becomming increasingly more popular in Ireland, there is a wide variety of shows taking place throughout the summer.  The usedcommercials team hope to attend as many of these events as possible to take pictures etc. for those of you that cannot make it.  As many of you already know, truck shows in Ireland are always a lively weekend, so if you find yourself free on any of these weekends, follow the trucks.  They are a great family day out for all, and its an inspiration to see the quality and detail which has been applied to many of the trucks on Irish roads today.


Used Commercials Advertising Campaign Begins

29th April 2010

As the number of trucks for sale etc. has been gradulally increasing on the website, we now feel we have a substantial amount of vehicles on the website to begin our advertising campaign.  We hope this will catch the attantion of potential buyers and will increase the number of calls dealers recieve regarding trucks for sale etc. which they have came across while browsing  We are very hopeful that more and more people will search for commercial vehicles on used commercials as they become more familiar with the logo and the brand.  So keep an eye out for our adverts and lets make more people aware of this new low cost website for advertising commercial vehicles.


Trucks for Sale Take the Lead on Used Commercials

16th April 2010

You may have noticed that the number of trucks for sale offered on used commercials by far outweighs the number of vans, buses or trailers for sale.  The main reason for this is because we are still a growing business and have focused more time on increasing the number of trucks for sale up until now.  But let me make it clear that we are always keen to hear from new commercial vehicle dealers offering either trucks, vans, buses or trailers for sale.  We would encourage you to keep an eye on each of these categories over the following weeks and months as they will continue to grow.


Used Commercials Appreciate the Support from Commercial Vehicle Dealers

8th April 2010

We at used commercials would like to thank all commercial vehicle dealers who have supported our website from initial launch.  As im sure you can understand, launching a website such as this can prove quite difficult.  The reason for this is because we did not want to encourage the general public to search for commercial vehicles on the site until we had a substantial number of trucks and commercial vehicles to choose from.  Therefore we asked commercial vehicle dealers to take the time to advertise their trucks for sale on the site, and we are very grateful for your time and effort in doing this.  Through this, the number of trucks for sale on used commercials is gradually increasing making the site more attractive for potential buyers.  We appreciate your support to date, and would encourage you to continue offering your trucks for sale on used commercials as the site grows and provides a better service.


Trucks and Commercial Vehicles Safety

30th March 2010

Are your commercial vehicles secure?  Recent feedback has lead us to believe that crime against commercial vehicles, mainly trucks is on the increase.  It seems the number of used trucks stolen throughout Ireland and the UK has decreased from that of last year, although the number of used trucks which have been broken into has increased.  In many of these cases the theft has consisted of the contents of the trucks or trailers being taken, which can vary from electrical goods to pet foods, depending on the contents of the particular haul.  Although in many cases it seems that fuel and batteries is what these thieves want.  It has been reported these people are making their way into yards where there are numerous trucks for sale and removing the batteries from a number of used trucks.  In some cases it has been reported that diesel has also been removed from trucks leaving an empty fuel tank.

As this sort of crime seems to be on the increase, we at used commercials would like to warn all of our customers and advise all dealers offering used trucks for sale to ensure all yards are securely locked etc. and try to eliminate the risk of this crime.  We would also advise to ensure all fuel caps are locked, and where possible that all batteries are locked and covered also.


Commercial Vehicles in Ireland - Cross Border Fines Introduced

20th March 2010

It has now been introduced that governing bodies on both sides of the Irish border exchanging information regarding tickets, road fines and toll charges etc.  They have decided to share vehicle registration details on both sides of the border in order to follow up and collect fines from offenders.  We believe this pilot scheme will be in place until November 2010.  This may affect many of our used commercials drivers and used trucks drivers in both Ireland and Northern Ireland.  For years, many of us have avoided paying fines etc. on both sides of the border, but this has come to an end.  This new scheme will track down drivers from Republic of Ireland acquiring tickets in Northern Ireland and likewise on the other side. We would like to make this message clear to all used commercials users and maybe we will prevent you from getting fined.


Second Hand Trucks for Sale Increase

9th March 2010

The general feeling from speaking to used trucks dealers is that the used trucks sales may be showing signs of incline.  It seems that many haulage companies are now opting for to purchase used trucks to carry out their daily runs.  The main reason for this current trend has been driven by financial strain.  Many company's believe some used trucks for sale within a few year old can do the same job, and can be bought for tens of thousands less.  Granted, after another three years these used trucks will be worth much less than if new trucks were purchased now, although the main thing for most businesses presently is to keep running costs down.  On paper, buying new trucks and selling them after three years may seem to work out better, although the payments during this three year period will be significantly higher.  This may not pose any problem if a Company is sure of three years work ahead, although if not, used trucks are the answer.  If payments and running costs can be kept to a minimum, haulers can offer keener rates, therefore keeping businesses afloat and people in work.  We believe the key in most businesses at the moment is to keep costs down to stay in business, and eventually demand for haulage and, more importantly, rates will rise taking away many of the risks and may then warrent the purchase of new trucks.  But in the meantime, this is good news for dealers offering used trucks for sale.


Used Trucks for sale increase on Used Commercials

4th February 2010

You may have noticed the number of trucks for sale on used commercials has increased gradually over the last week and we hope this trend will continue over the coming months also.  We hope you understand it will take some time for sellers to find the time in their busy schedules to get stock uploaded in the beginning.  As our focus at the beginning as primarily to get the large numbers of trucks for sale onto the site first, this will be followed with used vans, buses and trailers.  Once again, we would like to welcome any new sellers on board.  If you require any asistance do not hesitate to contact us at


Trucks for Sale on Used Commercials

25th January 2010

After many months of hard work used commercials have finally launched.  Used commercials is the UK and Ireland newest website for buying and selling used trucks etc.  As we have only just launched you may find the number of vehicles advertised is limited, but this will increase greatly over the next few weeks.  We would like to take this opportunity to welcome any new advertisers on board.  As the number of trucks for sale increase over the few weeks, we will begin our used commercials advertising campaign.  If you are interested in buying, keep checking as our stock is incresing daily.  All new sellers welcome. If you have any queries or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.


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