Usedcommercials.com is a new and vibrant company and was established with the primary aim of bringing together the buyers and sellers of commercial vehicles.  We provide very affordable advertising for the many used commercials dealers throughout UK and Ireland, many of which simply cannot keep up with the overpriced advertising costs of some established magazines.

This low cost advertising once again allows small dealers to advertise their used commercials alongside the large dealers without the usual financial strain.  By the same token, the large dealers can advertise their used commercials for a fraction of their normal rates.

Forget waiting on the next publication of a magazine to find your used trucks, browse through usedcommercials.com and see commercial vehicles for sale immediately after an advert is placed.  Therefore, advertise your trucks for sale on usedcommercials.com, and within minutes your used trucks can be viewed buy potential buyers, not only in UK and Ireland, but throughout the rest of the world.

We believe the internet is the way forward for all businesses in this digital era, and this feeling is no different when dealing with commercial vehicles.  We recognised there was a niche in the market when it came to commercial vehicles search portals, even though many used commercials dealers have begun moving towards online advertising through their own company websites.  But the problem is that, unless potential buyers are aware of a particular dealer’s website, the chance of them coming across your website is fairly slim.

Usedcommercials.com now provides a one stop shop for the commercial vehicles industry.  This new used commercials search will match potential buyers of commercial vehicles with dealers they never knew existed.  While doing this we try to promote dealers own websites by creating a link to the dealers site from each advertisement on usedcommercials.com (this does not apply to private sellers).  Therefore if a commercial vehicles dealer, with their own website, has one hundred used trucks advertised on usedcommercials.com, he has one hundred potential links to his own website also.  This alone should help bring more traffic to the dealer sites and help introduce new sellers to new buyers. It will also increase inbound link volumes.

Therefore, considering those who could not afford to advertise now can and those who could afford to advertise now can for less, this increases the number of commercial vehicles advertised for sale, giving potential buyers a better selection.  It just seems that everyone’s a winner!!

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